Date de contact

Bd. Unirii Nr. 16/4
Baia Mare, Maramures
Cod postal 430232
CUI: 7233879
tel: 0262-223004
fax: 0262-220840

Street sanitation schedule

Street sanitation activities for Baia Mare city are being realized according to a schedule developed in collaboration with Baia Mare’s city hall.

a. For the central area  the activities are being realized daily

b. For neighborhoods, the activities are being realized according to a day schedule presented below.

!  In order to see a neighborhood’s day, please position the the mouse over it’s name.


Cartierul Bogdan VodaVINERI
Cartierul Cuza VodaVINERI
Cartierul Dragos VodaVINERI
Cartierul DepozitelorJOI
Cartierul FerneziuJOI
Cartierul FirizaJOI
Cartierul Gheorghe BilascuMARTI
Cartierul GriviteiMIERCURI
Cartierul MoldoveiMIERCURI
Cartierul OituzVINERI
Cartierul Orasul VechiLUNI
Cartierul ProgresuluiLUNI
Cartierul Sasar ( Victor Babes - I.L.Caragiale)MIERCURI
Cartierul Sasar ( I.L.Caragiale - Iuliu Maniu)JOI
Cartierul SatelitiJOI
Cartierul Valea BorcutuluiMARTI
Cartierul Valea RosieMIERCURI
Cartierul Vasile Alecsandri ( Unirii - Pasunii)LUNI
Cartierul Vasile Alecsandri (Pasunii - M. Eminescu)MARTI
Cartierul Zona IndustrialaLUNI

Domestic sanitation schedule

Electric waste collection schedule