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Bd. Unirii Nr. 16/4
Baia Mare, Maramures
Cod postal 430232
CUI: 7233879
tel: 0262-223004
fax: 0262-220840

Electric waste collection schedule

Due to the fact that electric, electronic and appliances waste are being generated randomly during a year and have a random recurrence, presently, the electric waste collection is being realized according to a quarterly schedule. This year, 2012, the campaigns for collecting electric waste will be held in:

  • 7 th of April 2012
  • 7 th of July 2012
  • 6 th of October 2012

In addition to this program, the citizens that do not want to wait until these dates, have the posibility to deposit freely, their electric waste, every week day at the waste deposit situated near Satu Nou de Jos village, between 8am and 14 pm.