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Sustainable development

We are aware by the fact that one of the effects generated by our activity is the minimization of waste impact on the environment. Even though, being a mature company, we proposed ourselves to minimize the impact even more, by integrating the sustainable development concept in the company’s development policy. Therefore, we decided to try to conduct our activities in the present without affecting the future, by using an Integrated Management System and an acquisition policy that gives consideration to how much is a product or service use affecting the environment.

Using a n Integrated Management System in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 si OH SAS 18001, international standards, allows us to generate an even greater added value to our organization and to the quality of the services we offer. The usage of such a system presents 4 major advantages :

  1. The error space decreases, which increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the system;
  2. The nonconformities number decreases and the time needed to solve them tend to zero, which gives a warranty of the processes’s  quality;
  3. The allocation of resources is being optimized, which allows a better control of costs and the possibility to offer the same services at better prices;
  4. Meeting a requirement from one standard depends directly on meeting related requirements of other standards, which assures high conformance.

Regarding our acquisition policy we decided to develop and use a decision parameter that regards the impact of the good or service that we need to acquire on the environment. We look at the impact from two angles, one impact resulted from the manufacturing process and one from the use of it.