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Bd. Unirii Nr. 16/4
Baia Mare, Maramures
Cod postal 430232
CUI: 7233879
tel: 0262-223004
fax: 0262-220840


Presently we offer street and domestic sanitation services. Beside these we have an “Ecological Police” service that has been founded after signing a collaboration protocol with Baia Mare’s city hall, an endowment with standard containers service aimed at the population and other companies and a selective waste collection service. Each of the five big services that we offer are being detailed, shortly, below.

Domestic sanitation Domestic sanitation activity is divided in 3 smaller activities : collection, transport and deposit, that are being described next. 1. The collection activity it is being done with :

  • 1000 containers of 1100 liters each, set on 160 waste collection platforms for population and companies
  •   200 containers for selective waste collection for paper,carton , PET ,aluminium cans in volumes of 4 cubic meters and 1.1 cubic meters.
  •   100 containers for construction resulted waste for population and companies.

2. The transport activity is being done by:

  • 4 auto compactors
  • 12 rotopresses
  • 5 auto containers
  • 2 smaller compactors for street containers

3. Depositing activity:

  • waste is being deposited in the waste deposit outside the city’s boundaries, deposit that has a surface of 10ha. For environment protection, the deposit is being surrounded by a protecting natural fence made of trees.
  • waste depositing is being done in accordance with EU’s ecological criteria and it represents a major concern for our companyentru societatea noastra

Street Sanitation We offer cleaning and maintaining services for streets, through activities as :

  • manual sweeping
  • mechanical sweeping
  • roads and sidewalks washing
  • sidewalks vacuuming
  • cleaning and maintaining roads and green areas
Outside cold season, DRUSAL SA has, in Baia Mare city, daily activities of vacuuming, mechanical sweeping and roads washing on a surface of aprox. 500.000 square meters.
As a follow-up to the general’s management interest in the quality of services and to maintain a high level of competitiveness on the market, periodically there are being done great investments in machines and equipment. The year 2011, ended with total investments over 1 million euros.

Containers endowment Our company offers to people and other companies the possibility to buy or rent a standard container destined for waste pre-collection. Presently we offer for selling :

  • Standard containers of 120 liters capacity;
  • Standard containers of 240 liters capacity;
For renting we offer:
  • Containers of 1,1 cubic meters capacity
  • Containers of    5 cubic meters capacity
  • Containers of 16 cubic meters capacity
  • Containers of  18 cubic meters capacity

For more informations and pices please contact us using the contact form on the “Contact” page.

Ecologic Police After signing a collaboration protocol with Baia Mare’s city hall the ecologic police service has been founded. It’s purpose is to increase public cleanness, by ensuring that both population and companies understand and respect local laws and regulations in the field of waste management.  The protocol has 8 objectives defined and we want to present 4 of them:

  • Mutual informational trade between the 2 collaborative institutions in order to develop activities regarding prevention, discovering and sanctioning the persons that don’t respect the laws in the field of public cleanness, environment protection and sanitation.
  • Identifying abandoned wastes and goods on public or private  domain and applying the legal procedures in these matters
  • Verifying the sanitation of Sasar’s river shores
  • Verifying street sanitation, roads, sidewalks, green areas and gutters and during the cold season, verifying snow and ice removal

The collaboration is based on 5 principles:

  • Mutual respect
  • Responsibility for your own doing.
  • Honor and correctness
  • Assurance of equal treatment for all citizens
  • Moral integrity

The collaboration protocol can be viewed  here (romanian)