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Selective waste collection

Selective waste collection it is not a new activity. Even so, looked upon generally, at a conceptual level it may represent a new value of the human society. Some people consider it as part of the sustainable development concept, because of  the fact that after a recycling process or the reuse of some waste materials, the impact on the environment is minimized .

Other people tend to consider that for us, as humans, it is normal to try to obtain as much as possible from any process that we are involved in. And for other people it became a highly profitable business, generating profit in a very “eco-friendly” manner and havind a positive impact on the environment.

Selective waste collection is the main activity of our company 

To ensure the efficiency of the process we collaborate with different organisations that assumed the capitalization of waste selectively collected.  The pre-collection process is being done by the use of different types of containers. We use containers starting from “ecological islands” that are formed by 3 igloo containers each of 2.5 cubic meters capacity, to containers of 4,7 and 16 cubic meters capacity for constructions waste.




The selective waste collection activity has been implemented by DRUSAL SA in all the operating area. In Baia Mare city, we developed 2 types of programes:

  • One program destined to the areas with blocks of flats  –  where pre-collection is being done  using  114 “ecological islands” which are being collected  3 time per week;
  • One programe destined to the houses areas  –  through this program we offered the population a number of 40.000 plastic bags for  individual selective waste collection

Due to the fact that our company operating area extends outside the boundaries of  Baia Mare city, we developed a selective waste pre-collection and collection program adapted to the specific needs of every community that we operate in. In the development process of the programs we had an active involvement of local administrative authorities.

Selective waste collection is not a process that depends on the involvement of a single actor, this responsibility falls on the shoulders of everyone involved, the operator, the population, local administration and the organizations that capitalize the waste.


Furthermore , in order to increase the involvement of each actor, DRUSAL S.A. gives a great importance to actions designed to inform, educate and give awareness to people. nstientizare a populatiei.

Presently, DRUSAL SA has partnerships signed with 3 organizations that capitalize the waste that was selectively collected

  •  SC ECOROM AMBALAJE SA – for paper, carton, plastic, PET, glass, aluminium and wood
  •  ASOCIATIA RECOLAMP –  for lighting system waste
  •  ASOCIATIA ROREC–  for electric, electronic and appliances waste