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Bd. Unirii Nr. 16/4
Baia Mare, Maramures
Cod postal 430232
CUI: 7233879
tel: 0262-223004
fax: 0262-220840



 DRUSAL SA is a company that works in the field of waste management and recycling. The company has been founded in the year of 1995, this being the start point of a constant ascending evolution that keeps going up even today.

Since the beginning,  the most important resource for us was the human resource. We always seek to increase individual and organizational performance and to maintain an open communication environment. Due to these principles completed by our experience and know-how, we offer our clients high quality services according to international standards. Our attention for details, the positive feedback that we constantly receive form our clients and the organizational values and principles that we have are the main reasons that recommend us to our clients.

Presently, the company Drusal SA offers services in 3 main areas :

  • Street Sanitation
  • Domestic Sanitation
  • Selective Waste Collection